Do I Really Need a Video Baby Monitor?

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Yep – I was that mom!  I was that mom who looked at the video monitors and said “Who needs that?  Why would I spend so much money on a video baby monitor?”

Well, I’m here today to admit that I was wrong.  I was SO WRONG!

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My three closest friends and I all had babies last summer and they all had video baby monitors.  I actually thought they were kind of crazy for having one.  But as we hung out more and more with our babies, I realized I definitely needed a VTech Safe&Sound VM343 Pan & Tilt Full-color Video Monitor and I needed one ASAP!

I promise – you will not be disappointed with this awesome video monitor and it will be worth every penny!  I’m the first to admit that I’m cheap especially when it comes to the second baby.  Now that I’ve been using the video monitor for a few weeks, I can’t imagine not having one.  And as Easton gets older, it’s just going to become more of an essential.

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So, since we’re talking about the awesome VTech Pan & Tilt Digital Video Monitor, I wanted to share a few surprising reasons why you need a video monitor.  These even surprised me until I had one.

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  1. Who knew it would be so exciting to watch your baby sleep?  I love that I can check on Easton anytime without having to walk into his room and risk waking him up.  I can also check to make sure his arms or legs aren’t stuck between the crib slats (which has happened).  And the VTech Safe&Sound VM343 Pan & Tilt Full-color Video Monitor’s remote pan and tilt camera featuring 2x zoom easily scans the baby’s room straight from the parent unit so you can see around the entire room.  How awesome is that?!
  2. It’s also great for knowing when you need to rush in or when your baby needs time to self soothe.  I’m all about letting them cry it out a little.  The VM343 helps me see if Easton needs his pacifier or if he’s just fighting sleep.  And did I mention that it’s just fun to watch your baby all the time?!
  3. I can walk outside in the mornings and watch Connor get on the bus.  And guess what?   I don’t have to feel guilty leaving Easton in his crib sleeping.  Easton is a great sleeper!  He sleeps from 8 pm until 8 am but Connor needs to be on the bus at 7:35 in the morning.  I was waking Easton because I felt guilty leaving him inside but now I just grab the video monitor and I can still walk to the end of my driveway.  The VM343 comes standard with 1,000 feet of range making it easier than ever to stay connected to your baby from any room in the house – even from outside.  It’s all about peace of mind!
  4. And my favorite feature – temperature sensor.  Is it bad that this might be my favorite feature?  We keep our house pretty cold in the summer because my husband is always hot but I need to make sure Easton isn’t freezing.  I’m sure you know that a cold baby means a wide awake baby and we don’t want that happening at 3 am.  The temperature sensor helps make sure his room is the perfect temperature so he sleeps peacefully.

Bottom line – the VTech Pan & Tilt Digital Video Monitor rocks!

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There are even more awesome features that you have to check out.

What feature would convince you that you need a video baby monitor?  Already have a video monitor?  Do you love it as much as I do?

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