Patriotic Burlap Banner

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No only is the Fourth of July my favorite holiday but it’s extra special since Connor’s birthday is the third of July.  We always have a combination of birthday decorations and red, white, and blue decorations all around the house the first week of July.

After making my Glitter Heart Burlap Banner, I decided it would be fun to make a Patriotic Burlap Banner.  I actually made this back in April with my friend Erin.  Both of our husbands were returning from deployment together and we wanted something patriotic for our fireplaces.

Patriotic Burlap Banner

And, I love it so much that I’ve kept it up on my fireplace since my hubby returned.  It was perfect for Memorial Day and now it is perfect for the Fourth of July!

patriotic banner 1

Want to make one two?

Supplies needed:

  • burlap
  • scissors
  • pennant template
  • red, white, and blue paint
  • painters tape
  • star shape to create stencil
  • jute rope
  • glue gun and glue sticks

Erin and I had a great assembly line going on.  First we cut out each pennant using a template that I created.  Print template HERE. (the doted lines show where to wrap the burlap around the rope)

patriotic burlap banner step 1

Then we painted half the pennants white and the other half blue.

patriotic burlap banner step 2

Once the paint dried, I created the stripes by taping rows of painters tape on the pennants and painting every other row red.  Erin was in charge of stenciling the stars on the blue pennants.  She created a stencil using cardstock and a star cookie cutter and then painted the stars using white paint.

patriotic burlap banner final step


And once all that was dry, we wrapped the pennants around the rope and used the glue gun to glue each pennant to the rope.  Then it was ready to hang on the fireplace.

patriotic burlap banner

So, what do you think?  Have I inspired you to create your own Patriotic Burlap Banner?

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