Have an A-Maze-ing Summer Maze Cards

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Say goodbye to your students or classmates and hello to summer with these fun Have an A-MAZE-ING Summer Maze Cards!  Easy End of School Year Student Gifts made with your Cricut.

Have an A-MAZE-ING Summer! Student Gift End of School Year Teacher gift for Students

Summer Maze Cards made with Your Cricut and Cricut Pens

I had so much fun making my maze Valentine’s Day cards that I had to find away to make them again.  This time I made these Summer Maze Cards as a FUN little way for teachers to tell their students to have an amazing summer.

These are perfect for elementary school teachers to give out to their students on the last day of school.  Students can also give them out to all their classmates to wish them an amazing summer.

And, guess what?  These are so easy to make thanks to my handy dandy Cricut!  All I have to do is load my cardstock, add my black pen and press Make It.

This is my kind of project!

End of School Year Student gift

Supplies needed to make these fun End of the Year Student Gifts:


Step 1:  Open this project in Design Space.  You will need to customize the name or delete it.

Step 2:  Upload this maze or create your own using this maze generator.  This is the same maze I used for the Valentine’s Day cards because these are for my friend’s class.  Just keep clicking Generate New to create new mazes.

Step 2:  Add paper to cutting mat and load onto the Cricut.

Step 3:  Click Make It and sit back with a glass of wine.

Step 4:  Remove finished cards and repeat until you have enough for the entire class.  Add crayons and you have the cutest end of school gift that everyone will love.

I can’t be the only one that drinks wine while making things with my Cricut:)

Student Gifts from Teacher - Summer Maze Cards

So grab a few packs of crayons, a pack of cardstock, and let your Cricut work its magic.  Oh, and don’t forget the wine.

Writing with Cricut Pens

This project uses two writing fonts that are only available if you have a subscription to Cricut Access.  If you do not have a subscription to Cricut Access, you will need to choose a different free font available in Design Space or download a writing font to use for this project.

Here are a few of my favorite single line writing fonts:

Looking for more fabulous End of the School Year crafts you can make with your awesome Cricut?  Get your craft on with this huge collection.  So many great ideas!

End of School Year Student Gift

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  1. Hi I am having trouble opening the design in Cricut design space. It says it can’t open because the project is saved as private. is there another to access it?

  2. When I create the project and click on Make It, I’m taken to a checkout screen with a total of $6.97 – is it supposed to do that?