Lunchbox Surprises to Brighten Up the School Day

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Lunch doesn’t have to be boring!  Make your child’s school lunch exciting with fun lunchbox surprises that are sure to brighten their day.


I’ve mentioned before how Connor loves when I leave him little notes in his lunchbox so today I’m sharing just how easy it is to leave little lunch box surprises. Because, lets face it – we’re all busy and sometimes packing lunches is the last thing we feel like doing.

So, believe me when I say none of these ideas are difficult or time consuming.  But, they are FUN!

Lunchbox Surprises_1

1. Napkin Lunchbox Notes

They already need a napkin because they’re messy so just write a quick note on one and toss it in their lunchbox.  It helps if the napkins have unicorns on them too:)  Unicorns make everything better!

2.  Lunchbox Jokes

Leave fun lunchbox notes, jokes, and brain teasers in their lunchbox.  Download Brain Teaser Lunchbox Notes HERE and Lunchbox Knock Knock Jokes HERE.

Lunchbox Sandwich Bag Notes 3

3.  Sandwich Bag Messages

Use stickers to leave messages right on the sandwich bag.

Lunchbox Surprises_3

4.  Sandwich Bag Faces

Add googly eyes to sandwich bags to make fun faces on sandwich bags.

5.  Would You Rather Questions

Write Would You Rather Questions on little notecards and leave them inside your child’s lunch box.  They can ask their friends while eating lunch.  We do this at dinner all the time so why not do it during lunch too.

6.  Pack a Special Treat that your Child Loves

I’ve partnered with TEDDY Soft Bakes for this post because it’s a special treat that my son loves.  Not only are the fluffy TEDDY Soft Bakes in the shape of a bear, but they’re also made with quality ingredients.  What’s not to love about that?

And, they’re also filled with either a tasty chocolate or vanilla filling.  YUM!  What a fun little lunchbox surprise.

I found my TEDDY Soft Bakes at my local Kroger. in the cookie aisle.  Click HERE to find your local Kroger/Kroger Family of Stores to get your TEDDY Soft Bakes.

Lunchbox Surprises

7.  Add a Fun New School Item

Adding a new pencil or eraser is a fun little way to motivate your child when they get back to the classroom and work on their school work.

8.  Make Fun Sandwich Shapes

Every lunch needs a fun sandwich!  Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches into fun shapes.

I told you these ideas are easy and fun!  These lunchbox surprises let your child know you’re thinking about them while they’re in school.  And, the best part – you get to put a smile on your child’s face.


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