5 Fun and Easy Laundry Games for the Entire Family

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Laundry and fun usually don’t go together… until today!  Make Laundry fun with these 5 Laundry Games for the entire family.

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Is your house filled with endless love, laughter and laundry?  Then, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m not sure how you feel about laundry but for me, it’s the one chore that I can’t seem to get a handle on.  I’ve tried making a schedule and I’ve tried to do a load a day but no matter what I do – it just piles up … and piles up … and piles up.

Laundry Games for the Entire Family

5 Fun and Easy Laundry Games for the Entire Family

Well, that’s going to change now!  One of my goals this year is to get both Connor and Easton to help with laundry.  I did a little research and discovered that even Easton is old enough to start helping.  There is no reason that the kiddos can’t help fold, sort, and collect dirty clothes.  It doesn’t have to be just me and hubby doing all the work around here.  It’s time to get the entire family involved.

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And, to make laundry more fun and keep my boys from running when I say the word “laundry”, I’ve come up with 5 fun and easy laundry games that we can all play together to make it seem less like a chore.  Plus, it’s quality time that we get to spend together.

Laundry Toss

Make sorting dirty clothes fun with the Laundry Toss Game. Get the kiddos to help sort the laundry by letting them toss the clothes into the right laundry basket.  See who can make the most “baskets” and have fun sorting clothes.

Match It Up

Matching socks is my least favorite part of doing laundry.  This is an easy way to turn matching socks into a game.  Set the timer and see who can match the most socks in a specific amount of time.  Every chore is more fun when you turn it into a friendly competition.

Would You Rather…

This is fun!  Play would you rather while folding laundry.  We love playing Would You Rather… and we dislike folding laundry so I thought it would be a fun distraction.  I also came up with a few Would You Rather laundry questions but you can find tons of other questions online.

  • Would you rather have a sock as a nose or underwear as hair?
  • Would you rather have to wear the same clothes for 5 days straight or wear 5 sweaters at one time for an entire day?
  • Would you rather fold 200 towels or match 200 pairs of socks?
  • Would you rather fold clothes for 2 hours or do 100 multiplication problems?
  • Would you rather never do laundry again or never have to wash dishes again?
  • Would you rather sort clothes with your feet or fold clothes while wearing oven mitts?
  • Would you rather sleep in a pile of dirty clothes or wear wet socks to school?

Tide Sock Ball

Sock Ball

Another fun way to get everyone to help match up all those socks.  Dump out the socks and place an empty laundry basket a few feet away.  Tell players to match up a pair of sock, fold into a ball, and toss the pair into the basket.  Each sock ball they make earns them 2 points.

Folding Race

Dump out all your clean clothes, gather your family, set the timer, and see who can fold the most clothes in under 5 minutes.  Woohoo!  In five minutes all your clothes will be folded and you just tricked your family into helping you.

It’s time to take back your laundry room in 2018!  With these fun laundry game ideas, you can conquer your never ending laundry. That’s right, why should you be the only one picking up clothes, folding towels, and matching socks?  It’s time to get your kids involved to lighten the load on yourself.

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