Heart Cinnamon Rolls

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Heart Cinnamon Rolls – Turn cinnamon rolls into hearts for a fun and tasty Valentine’s Day treat.

Heart Cinnamon Rolls

I just can’t stop making fun heart shaped treats!  It’s a real problem around here.  I just want to eat heart shaped food covered in sprinkles all day every day.

We all know everything tastes better with sprinkles.

This is such an easy treat to make.  I shouldn’t even call this a recipe because I didn’t make anything.  I do have a few tips for you.

Heart Cinnamon Rolls

  • First, you have to use Grands Cinnamon Rolls – the 5 pack.
  • Preheat oven according to package.
  • Open your cinnamon rolls and unroll one cinnamon roll at a time.  Cut it in half with a knife and form your hearts on your baking pan.  Feel free to add more cinnamon and sugar if you want to.
  • Bake for 20 minutes.
  • You’ll make 10 cinnamon rolls instead of 5 which is always a good thing.  Double the yumminess!
  • Spread icing on each heart cinnamon roll and add your sprinkles.

Heart Cinnamon Rolls-4

YUM!  All I can say is yum.  Well, I’m just going to go enjoy a cup of coffee and eat my cinnamon rolls while Easton takes his nap.  It’s time for some me time!  I guess I better save a few for Connor to have when he gets home from school.

Or, maybe I’ll just make more.

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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