Gold Pumpkin Succulent Planter

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I’m a little obsessed with all things gold right now.  I was never a big fan of gold but I’ve been adding a little gold to random things around my house and I’m loving the way it looks.  I added gold leaf to a few candles and I made the gold glitter dipped wine glass.


This weekend I found an old glass pumpkin in my garage.  You know, those glass pumpkins that everyone seems to have.  Well, I decided to cover the entire pumpkin in gold leaf and created this gorgeous fall gold pumpkin succulent planter.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

This is a pretty easy craft project.  All you need is a Gold Leaf Kit, glass pumpkin, dirt, and a pretty succulent.  The gold leaf kit comes with everything you need to cover the entire pumpkin in gold.  Just follow the directions and add your gold leaf to the entire glass pumpkin.  You can leave some of the glass showing if you want.  I didn’t want any dirt showing so I covered the entire pumpkin with gold leaf.  You could also use gold paint.  I just love the look of gold leaf.


This would also be a great gift to take to someone if your headed to visit family or friends on Thanksgiving.

So, what do you think?

What fun things have you covered in gold leaf recently?  I want to hear all about so I can be inspired by you!

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