Free Summer Boredom Busters

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Looking for free things to do this summer with the kiddos?  I’ve got you covered with these 25 FREE Summer Boredom  Busters.

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I’m all about taking Connor out and doing fun things with him but I’m also  cheap!  So, today I’ve come up with a list of activities that we can do together this summer that don’t cost any money.  Connor and I actually came up with these activities together because I wanted to make sure they were kid approved.

1. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt – Find items outside or inside that start with each letter of the alphabet.  Connor and my nephew took my old cell phone out last week and took pictures of all their items.

2. Make postcards and send them to family and friends.

3. Look up at the stars – Use a free app like StarView to find stars, constellations and more.

4. Whip something tasty up in the kitchen.  No bake cookies or homemade ice cream would be fun.

5. Go for a hike.

6.  Make a time capsule.

7. Camp in your backyard.

8. Paint a picture.

9. Have a cook-off with a neighbor or friend.  This weekend we are going to have a pizza cook-off with our neighbors to see which family makes the best homemade pizza.

10.  Learn a new trick like juggling or origami.  You can even learn a few magic tricks and trick your friends.

11. Play Pictionary.

12. Have a dance party.

13. Be a tourist in your own town – visit a new place in your town or city.

14. Upcycle something – Turn glass jars into something useful, make a milk jug bird feeder, etc.

15. Make juice popsicles.

16. Penny Drop Bicycle Game – Set up soup cans along the sidewalk.  Handout pennies to everyone playing.  The goal is to drop as many pennies as you can into the cans as you ride by them.

17. Play charades – I put a stack of books on the table and we pick out words from the book to act out.

18. Visit a local fire station.

19. Make library book kindness notes.  Then go to your local library and put them in random books.

20. Make Random Acts of Kindness notes on sticky notes.  Then go to your favorite store(s) and stick them all over the place for people to see.

21. Have a picnic in the park.

22. Wash cars in your bathing suit.

23. Play a game like Freeze Tag, Red Light, Green Light, or Musical Chairs.  Hot Potato would be fun too.

24. Go Geocaching.

25. Play flashlight hide and seek.  We also just discovered the game Sardines which is similar to hide and seek and a lot of fun.

I’ll be sharing pictures of our Summer Boredom Buster adventures on Instagram so make sure your following along.

What fun summer boredom busters do you have planned this summer?

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