Dr. Seuss Memory Game

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Today I’m combining a few of my favorite things – Dr. Seuss, stickers, chocolate and family game night – to create a fun Dr. Seuss Memory Game.

Dr. Seuss Memory Game

I originally saw this idea on Creations by Kara as a Valentine’s Day game and then when I came across these Dr. Seuss stickers, I realized they were the perfect size to put on the bottom of Hershey Kisses.

Dr. Seuss Memroy Game with Hershey Kisses

All you need to do is add the stickers to the bottom of the kisses.  I made enough for 15 matches but I have plenty of stickers left over if I want to make more.

Mix them up and arrange the kisses in rows.

Now you’re ready to start playing.  And there are plenty of Hershey Kisses left over in case you want a snack while you play:)

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