DIY Dog Treat Jar

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Looking for a personalized dog treat jar for your favorite pup?  Look no further!  You’ll love this DIY Dog Treat Jar that can be made in 10 minutes.

Rocky the Rock Star

He just turned eleven so it’s important that we keep him active.  We love taking him down to the park that we have at the end of our street where he loves to play catch with Connor and my hubby.

Rocky playing catch

He gets to run free!!

This is definitely his happy place.

Rocky Pup-Peroni

And then he passes out in the middle of the cool grass:)  He can’t run very far and he doesn’t run very fast but he still loves to play catch at the park.

pup-peroni outdoor fun

Rocky is an important member of our family especially when my husband is deployed.  He’s our guard dog and takes that job very seriously:)  We like to show him how much we love him with treats.  My hubby and Connor sneak him treats all the time; which is why he is spoiled rotten.

DIY Dog Treat Jar

And every dog deserves a personalized dog treat jar!  Especially when they’re this easy to make.

DIY Dog Treat Jar

You only need three things:  a glass jar, black vinyl, and scissors.

Dog Treat Jar

Cut out your black vinyl in the shape of a paw print and adhere it to your glass.  I printed off this paw print to use as a stencil.  Write your dogs name on the paw print with a chalk marker and fill the jar with tasty Pup-Peroni dog treats.

That’s it.  Now you have a cute personalize DIY Dog Treat Jar.

It literally took me about 10 minutes to make this dog treat jar.

Now we want to know how you plan on beefing up your summer with your favorite pup.  Take the quiz and enter to win an awesome prize pack.

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