Creative Easter Basket Ideas – No Basket Needed

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I’m home tonight with a sick child.  I had plans for a girls night to watch a chick flick and eat popcorn but that quickly changed when Connor got sick.  So instead I’m eating cereal and looking up creative Easter basket ideas on Pinterest.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas

I was looking for other alternatives to a basket because we do not need another basket in this house.  And guess what?  There are some super creative ideas out there that I just had to share.

Creative Easter Basket Ideas

Rain Boots Easter Basket

Rain Boots

Source – BHG

Fill rain boots with Easter loot.  Genius because Connor needs boots.

Toy Truck Easter Basket

Toy Truck

Source –Making the World Cuter

This is what I’m going to do for Easton.  Every little boy needs a toy truck.

Umbrella Easter Basket


Source – PrimalDish

How awesome is this idea?  Fill an umbrella up with lots of Easter goodies.

Beach Pail Easter Baskets

Beach Pail

Source – The DIY Village

Fill a beach pail up with treats and beach toys just in time for summer.

bunny towel basket

Beach Towel

Source – Pinterest

This is AWESOME!  I think I’m doing this for Connor’s Easter basket.  He needs a new beach towel and goggles for the summer.  And since we live at the beach and pool all summer, this is perfect.

Baseball Hat Easter Basket

Baseball Hat

Fill a baseball cap with Easter candy, books, and other fun stuff.  This would be my hubby’s idea of the perfect Easter Basket.

Wagon Easter Basket


Source – Radio Flyer

What a cute idea!  Fill a wagon with Easter eggs and other fun stuff.  What kid wouldn’t love this?!

Candy Easter Basket

Candy Basket

Source – Craft Morning

And I’m pretty sure every child would love an edible candy Easter basket.


Tote Bag

Source – This Girls Blog

What creative Easter baskets have you created?

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