Candy Grams

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I know I say this often but this might just be my new favorite gift idea. We all know it’s fun to give a little gift to someone especially when they’re having a bad day or need a little encouragement.  These Candy Grams are fun to make and will definitely put a smile on someone’s face.


First of all, I need to show you this awesome scrapbook paper by the fabulous Laura Kelly.  I can’t tell you happy I am to be on her design team.  It’s been such a fun year working with her and now she has designed a new line of products for ADORNit.


She has created scrapbook paper that includes inspirational quotes that can be colored and then cut apart.  These are perfect for scrapbooking, notecards, gift tags, lunch notes, and these adorable Candy Grams. The sheets of paper are actually called Paintables because the designs are printed on high quality paper perfect to paint with watercolors, colored pencils, makers, etc!  So, I guess I better get some watercolor pencils.  It’s something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now so it will be fun to finally give it a try.

I was originally going to make notecards but then I thought it would be more fun to match a few of the quotes with candy because who doesn’t love candy?!


The quotes that had to do with love were paired up with red candy wrappers, the sunshine notes were paired with yellow candy and the colorful/rainbow quotes were paired with Skittles.


I think my favorite Candy Gram is the note that says “Wish on the Stars in the Night Sky” and I paired it with a bag of Starburst.

Connor is excited to take one to his teacher tomorrow and I’m going to sneak one in hubby’s lunch.  These would be fun to place on your coworker’s desk, give to your secretary, or anyone who just needs a smile.

Now can you see why it’s my new favorite gift idea?  Who wouldn’t love to receive a Candy Gram?!


And there’s more!  There’s a sheet of bookmarks you can color along with awesome scrapbook paper.  I LOVE the bookmarks.  Connor and I are going to color those together this weekend. I actually just love all of the products that Laura Kelly has designed for ADORNit!  She is so stickin’ talented!!

Check out all of Laura Kelly’s  awesome products HERE.

I’m an official member of the Laura Kelly Design Team.  Products or compensation may have been received to support this post.  The opinions, designs, images and concepts are my own.


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