Candy Filled Balloons {A Fun Valentine’s Day Gift}

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I’ve got a fun Valentine’s Day gift for you all today.   Connor wanted to send his cousins a fun package in the mail for Valentine’s Day so we decided to send them a box of candy filled balloons.

Balloons filled with candy

This was such an easy gift box to put together.  I found a pack of heart balloons at Target and then we just filled each balloon with about 10 pieces of candy.

candy filled balloons

First, make sure you buy small candy and it’s so much easier if you have someone to help you fill the balloons.  You will need an extra set of hands.

Then just start adding your candy.  That’s it!  A fun Valentine’s Day gift to send in the mail.

valentine's day bursting fun printable

I also created a cute printable to include in the box.  Print HERE.

I hope my niece and nephews are as excited about this package as we are.  I wonder if I should warn my brother ahead of time?!

Valentine's Day Candy Filled Balloons

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