Pumpkin Lollipop Bouquet

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I’ve got a fun Halloween craft for you today.  I wasn’t actually going to post my Pumpkin Lollipop Bouquet on the blog because I wasn’t that crazy about how the project turned out but Connor and my hubby really liked the way it turned out.

Pumpkin Lollipop Bouquet

I originally made this to put on my desk at school for my students.  Then, Connor begged me to make one for his teacher and my neighbor asked me to make one for her so she could take it for her students at school.  After making three of them I decided to take a few pictures and share it.

It’s easy to make and pretty inexpensive.  You can keep adding more lollipops so it can be used over and over again.

Materials needed:

  • plastic pumpkin bucket
  • Styrofoam ball (1 Styrofoam ball will make 2)
  • lollipops (about 3 bags)
  • glue gun and glue sticks

All you need is a plastic pumpkin bucket, foam ball, and lollipops.  The most expensive part are the lollipops because you need at least 3 bags for each one.  One foam ball is good for two bouquets.

Step 1:  Cut foam ball in half.  I used a bread knife.

Step 2:  Glue foam ball to top of plastic bucket using your handy dandy glue gun.

Step 3:  Start adding the lollipops.  I started at the top and just went around and around until I filled in the entire Styrofoam ball.

Lollipop Pumpkin Bouquet

That’s it!  3 steps and only 4 supplies needed.

A cute Pumpkin Lollipop Bouquet to display at home or on your desk at work.  I’m pretty sure everyone will want to stop by your desk if you have this on it; which could be a good thing or a bad thing:)

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