Organizing Hand-Me-Downs and Off Season Clothes

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I feel like my house is being taken over by clothes, and I desperately needed to do something about it.

Organizing Hand-Me-Downs and Off Season Clothes

I’m extremely lucky to have lots of family and friends who generously give us a lot of hand-me-downs for my two boys.  Connor gets a lot of clothes from my nephew, and we have quite a few friends who give us clothes for Easton.  I love not having to buy them a new wardrobe every year but I needed to come up with a storage solution to keep everything organized.  I’ve also been saving a lot of Connor’s clothes for Easton but this meant having to store them in a safe place.  I wasn’t sure that I was prepared to store 7 years of clothing for Easton but hubby and I agreed that is was definitely worth the money to save them.

Organizing Hand-Me-Downs and Off Season Clothes

So, I did what any girl who loves to organize does – I headed to Lowe’s to pick up some Ziploc® Space Bags®.  This is definitely the best way to store hand-me-downs and off season clothes.

And, to be honest, I was dreading this project because I was very overwhelmed with all the clothes that we had accumulated but I’m so glad I finally tackled this huge project.  It’s such a relief to have all the hand-me-down and off season clothes organized and ready for when we need them.

Want to get all your hand-me-downs and off season clothes organized? Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:  Gather your Supplies. 

Organizing Hand-Me-Downs and Off Season Clothes

You’re going to want to gather all the clothes that you need to organize and spread them out.  You also need to figure out how you want to store everything. I suggest Ziploc® Space Bags® because you can fill them up with so much stuff! Each bag provides 3X the storage as compared to uncompressed storage volume which means you can store more. I always get the Ziploc® Space Bags® Large Flats and Ziploc® Space Bags® 2 Cube Variety Pack because they’re strong and the NEW film with shield technology offers the toughest protection. This means they’ll last and I can use them over and over again.

Ziploc Sort Clothes

Step 2:  Time to Sort

Now, it’s time to sort everything out. Sort all the clothes by size and season. This step takes the longest but it’s so worth it. I also created a donate pile because some stuff just needs to be donated.

Ziploc Space Bags - Labels

Step 3:  Create Labels

Let’s have some fun and make labels. Everything needs a fun, little label. Plus, I LOVE my super awesome label maker so I’m always looking for an excuse to use it. Create your labels so you can easily grab the correct storage bag when the time comes. It kind of makes me sad to think that Easton will wear a size 5/6. Why can’t he stay a baby forever?

Step 4:  Time to Get Things Organized

Ziploc Bags 5

It’s finally time to put everything away. Gently place clothes in a separate Ziploc® Space Bag® according to their size and season.  Not only are the Ziploc® Space Bags® convenient for organizing but they also protect against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew, and other odors that might occur within common storage areas. This is great for long term storage which is what I need.  And, they couldn’t be easier to use.  Just fill and hook your vacuum up to them.

Ziploc totes

ziploc 4

The hardest part is deciding which bags to use because I wanted to buy them all.  I went a little crazy, but I had a lot of clothes to organize. Not only did I use the Ziploc® Space Bags®, but I’ve started using the Ziploc® Flexible Totes XL to store things under the bed. They’re also the perfect size to store things under Easton’s crib. Guess what my motto is? Out of sight, out of mind.


Need help organizing kids clothes?  Follow these simple steps and head to Lowe’s to pick up a few packs of Ziploc® Space Bags®. You can find them in the Home Organization aisle with all the closet accessories.

Ziploc Lowes

Next, I’m going to to organize the linen closet.  I have a few Ziploc® Space Bags® left and lots of sheets that need to be organized.  But, first, I think I deserve a nice, cold drink for all this hard work:)

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