Letters from Santa

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I decided late last night that it would be fun if Santa left a letter in Connor and Easton’s stockings this year.  I was thinking that it could be a new tradition and cute keepsake especially if the letters say what they were asking Santa to bring them.

Letters from Santa - Free Printables

I found a few great websites that offer free letters from Santa and knew I had to share them with all of you.

Letters from Santa Free Printable

Letter from Santa by Frosted Blog

Letter from Santa

Blank Letter to customize yourself

Letters from Santa Stationary Free Printable

Letter from Santa – Stationary

Free Letter from Santa

Letter from Santa’s Workshop

Letter from Santa

Nice List Free Certificate

Naughty List Letter from Santa

Naughty Warning from Santa

Letters from Santa

Join me in starting a new tradition!

Merry Christmas!!

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