Jelly Bean Sorting {Toddler Learning Game}

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Jelly Bean Sorting Toddler Learning Activity – A fun color matching game for toddlers.

Sorting Jelly Beans Toddler Game

Today we’re playing with our Easter candy and we’re learning too!

Sorting Jelly Beans Coloring Matching Toddler Game

The teacher in me wants to make up learning games every day with Easton but he’s a very active toddler so getting him to sit still for longer than 10 minutes is a challenge.  He barely sits still for an entire book so I’m always looking for fun activities that will also help him learn new concepts.

So, guess what we did today?  I took the jelly beans that the boys got in their Easter baskets and the empty Easter eggs and created a fun learning game for Easton. Easton loves to sort things and move things from one cup to another so this was the perfect activity for him.  And, it helps that he gets to practice his colors while having fun.

And after he sorted them, we practiced counting the number of jelly beans in each egg.  A great morning of learning and fun with curly haired boy.  Aren’t those curls the cutest?!

Easton actually sat for 20 minutes and sorted out his jelly beans by color which is a long time for this speed demon.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your Easter candy and those empty eggs and have fun with this easy toddler learning activity!

Now I have to keep my husband from eating all the jelly beans so we can sort our colors again tomorrow.  I better just buy more.

Jelly Bean Sorting Toddler Color Matching Game

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