Gift Card Holders

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Hey y’all!  I’m popping in real quick to share a super easy gift wrapping idea.

Everybody loves getting gift cards but some people don’t like to give them because they feel they are boring or impersonal.

Gift Card Holders

So I’ve solved that problem with a fun gift card holder idea.  Instead of just giving people a gift card in a card, wrap them in insulated cups.  Everyone loves a fun cup to drink out of so why not fill it with candy and a gift card.

Gift Card Holders

This is so easy to put together.  Just fill a cup with candy and slide the gift card down inside.  Now you have a great gift that everyone will love.  Find their favorite sports team or a monogrammed cup and it becomes a personal and practical gift.

That’s all it takes to make giving gift cards way more fun!

Now I’m off to find more cute cups.

Have a great weekend!

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