Fun Science Experiments for Kids

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How many of you have cabin fever from being stuck in the house during these cold winter months?  I know we’ve been going a little stir crazy.  Well, it’s time to put away the tablets and turn the television off because we’re going to have some fun with science!

Fun Science Experiments for Kids

Connor is obsessed with fun science experiments.  And, even though my kitchen is usually a disaster after him and my husband do these crazy science experiments, he has a blast and it’s always a learning experience.  I have to admit that I love how excited he is about science.

So, I’ve rounded up a great collection of science experiments that Connor has hand selected as the best.  I tried to stick with a snow/ice theme but then got a little side tracked by all the awesome science experiments that are out there in blogland.

  1.  Snow Storm in a Jar – Make your own snow storm in a jar with a few simple ingredients.  Love this idea by Lemon Lime Adventures!

2. Make Ice Grow – Deborah over at Teach Preschool has a great tutorial for making ice grow.  We can’t wait to try this.

3. Grow a Crystal Garden – This looks awesome.  Connor is so excited to grow his own Crystal Garden.

4. Make Arctic Slime – Need I say more?  We love making slime and this puts a fun winter twist on it.

5. Make Crystal Icicles – Such a fun and simple science experiment.

6.  Make Homemade Rock Candy

7.  Do you have a lot of snow around you?  Then you have to Make a Snow Volcano!  We can’t wait to do this when it snows again.

8.  And, while we wait for it to snow again, we’ll just make our own Fake Snow.

9.  Okay, this isn’t really snow or ice related but this science experiment looks AWESOME!  We might have to do this tonight – Disappearing Egg Shell Experiment.

10.  Make Homemade Thermometers.  This is a great experiment to teach kids about temperature.  I think Connor will just like to see the liquid rise and fall depending on the air temperature.

11.  Blow up balloons with vinegar and baking soda.  This is looks like so much fun.  Even I want to try this.

12.  Make Homemade Slushies without a blender.  This past weekend we made DIY Slushies.  I know that it’s cold outside but everyone loves a tasty slushie.   This is a fun science experiment because even I was wondering how the juice would turn to slush.

Homemade Slushies 1

What you need:

  • Your favorite drink – we used Fruit Shoot®
  • Quart-sized zip bags
  • Gallon-sized zip bags
  • 2 cups ice
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • bowl

Step 1:  Fill the quart-sized bag with your favorite drink and zip it closed.  You don’t want any salt getting inside the bag.

Step 2: Place the quart-sized bag into the gallon-sized bag.  Add ice and salt to the gallon-sized bag.  Zip the gallon bag closed.

Step 3:  Now shake the bag.  And shake the bag some more.  Shake for about 15 minutes.

Step 4:  Remove quart-sized bag from the gallon-sized bag after the liquid has turned to a solid.  Rinse the bag and squeeze the slushie into a glass.  Enjoy!

This was a great experiment to learn about liquids and solids.  And, it was a great science experiment to get us moving and shaking.  Plus, we got to enjoy a Fruit Shoot® Slushie together once it was complete.

Fruit Shoot

Don’t hybernate this winter!  Grab a Fruit Shoot® and make a mess with a fun a science experiment.

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