Four-Leaf Clover Hand Towel

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I have to admit that I love a good crafting challenge!

This month I’m super excited to be participating in the March Mystery Box Challenge sponsored by and organized by the fabulous Laura Kelly.  I received a box of supplies in the mail and then was tasked with creating something with the supplies in the box.

clover hand towel

And since this month’s theme was green for St. Patrick’s Day, I decided I needed a cute Four-Leaf Clover Hand Towel for my guest bathroom.

March Surprise Box

My Mystery Box included lots of fun supplies – felt, ribbon, buttons, fabric paint, tacky glue and clear adhesive.  The Liquid Fusion is what grabbed my attention because it’s awesome for bonding fabric together which means no sewing.

clover hand towel

Materials needed:

Step 1:  Cut out 4 hearts from the green felt along with the clover’s stem.

Step 2:  Using the Liquid Fusion, adhere ribbon and clover to towel.  I used my iron to apply low heat to the Liquid Fusion to speed up the drying time because I’m impatient.

clover hand towel

Step 3:  Sew button to center of clover.

clover hand towel

That’s it!  Only 3 steps needed to make this cute Four-Leaf Clover Hand Towel.

Want to see what others made with their March Mystery Boxes?

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