Minecraft Coasters

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I just became the coolest mom ever!

Connor was home from school on Monday and it was freezing outside so we stayed in our pajamas all day and got our craft on.

I asked Connor what he wanted to do on his day off of school and he said he wanted to work on a Minecraft project.  After looking though my stash of craft supplies, we decided to make some Minecraft Coasters.

DIY Minecraft Coasters

I love that Connor gets excited to do craft projects with me and I especially love watching him concentrate when he’s painting and lining everything up just right.

These DIY Minecraft Coasters are so easy to make.  You probably already have most of the supplies needed to make them.

Minecraft Coasters Materials


  • 4 inch wood squares
  • white cardstock
  • printer
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • black peel and stick felt – cut into 4 x 4 squares
  • spray acrylic sealer


Step 1:  Print out 4 picture of your favorite Minecraft pictures so they are 4 x 4.  I let Connor choose the four pictures.

Step 2:  Cut each picture and use Mod Podge to adhere picture to wood square.

Step 3.  Once Mod Podge dries, add felt to other side of wood square.

Step 4:  Spray with acrylic sealer.

Wow!  Only 4 easy steps required to make these awesome Minecraft coasters.

DIY Minecraft Coasters

It makes me so happy that Connor loves to be creative – whether it’s a craft project, creating worlds in Minecraft or playing superheroes with his friends.  I just love watching his imagination run wild.

Minecraft Coasters

Once our coasters were dry, we were ready to use them.  I mixed us up some Nesquik chocolate milk and sat with Connor while he showed me the new Minecraft world he created.

Minecraft Coasters

To nourish his possibilities and help fuel his imagination, Connor enjoys a glass of chocolate milk.  It’s his favorite afternoon snack and the perfect treat to sip on during homework time.  It turns his milk into an irresistibly delicious and nutritious treat with all the right vitamins and minerals he needs.  NESTLÉ Nesquik is made with no artificial colors or flavors and provides 8 grams of protein when combined with 8 ounces of milk.

And now, we are off to play school.  Connor likes to be the teacher and I’m the student.  He thinks it’s hilarious that he gets to give me homework and then gets to grade it.

My goal as their mother is to teach both Connor and Easton that their imagination is their fuel and creativity is their tool!

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