Dinner Made Easy with Hello Fresh

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Cooking dinner just got easier thanks to Hello Fresh!

Hello Fresh

I’m totally hooked on the idea of having everything I need to make healthy meals delivered to my house on a weekly basis.  This is the best idea ever!

Why I love Hello Fresh:

Hello Fresh

1.  I love how convenient it is. No planning is required and I don’t have to go to the grocery store – Woohoo!  This is exactly what I need.  One of my least favorite things to do is to go grocery shopping.  I also have a hard time planning my meals and making a grocery list so I usually just wing it when I go grocery shopping.  This means that I forget stuff that I need and buy things that I don’t need.

2.  I love how easy the recipes are easy to follow.  This is exactly what I need – easy to follow recipes with all the ingredients already measured out for me.

Hello Fresh

 3.  I love the fresh ingredients.  All of the boxes come with fresh ingredients.

Hello Fresh

4.  I love all the recipes that are available. Hello Fresh has a variety of recipes to choose from.  My favorite part is that they are recipes that I would probably never make on my own.

Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad

5.  I love how delicious the meals are.  The first meal I made was the Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad with Potatoes and Salad.  All I can say is YUM!  The chicken was juicy and serving it over a bed of spinach and potatoes tasted amazing.  I never would have thought to make it a salad but I’m definitely making this again.

6.  I LOVE that it saves me time.  This is huge especially for weeknights when making dinner can be stressful.  Plus, .  All I have to do is take out the box full of ingredients and start cooking.  Meal prep is already done for me.

Hello Fresh

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