Cheerio Necklaces {Best Idea Ever}

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Today’s easy tip and mom hack might just be the best idea ever!  I shared a blog post a few weeks ago that included some fabulous baby hacks.  One of the tips was to make Cheerio necklaces to make shopping with baby easier.  Well, I’m here today to tell you that it works and it’s AWESOME!


Taking Easton to the store has been a nightmare.  He does not want to sit still and he can quickly wiggle himself out of any cart strap.  It’s like he’s a mini Houdini.  Before I know it, he’s turned around and standing straight up in the cart.  At dinner, he slips out of the strap and can climb on the table in a heartbeat.


Well, that is not happening anymore thanks to these Cheerio Necklaces I made.  I made 5 and placed them in little snack bags to keep in my purse.  Now, I’m always prepared with a quick snack while we’re out and about.  Shopping with Easton has been a dream with these necklaces.  I can’t stress enough what a lifesaver they’ve been.



I’m not sure this really needs a tutorial because they’re so easy to make.  My favorite part of this tip is to make a whole bunch at a time and store them in snack bags so have them and you’re always prepared.


  • Cheerios
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • plastic snack bags


  • Cut ribbon so that when it’s tied together, it can easily slip over your child’s head.
  • Thread Cheerios onto ribbon.  I added about 50 Cheerios to each necklace.
  • Join ends of the ribbon together and a simple knot.
  • Add necklace to snack bag.

Such a simple tip to keep babies and toddlers happy so you can shop in peace.  And, don’t worry – I always watch Easton when he has his necklace on so he doesn’t have an accident with the string.  I’m always right there with him and would never leave him unattended while he wears it.  I also never leave the house without having a few in my bag.

Do you have a clever mom hack that makes shopping easy?


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