How to Wrap Wine Bottles with Dish Towels – Easy 5 Minute Wine Gift

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Learn how to wrap wine bottles with dish towels using this easy tutorial.  An easy 5 minute wine gift perfect for every holiday!

Easy Wine Hostess GIfts

Looking for an easy gift idea?  I’ve got the perfect 5 minute wine gift.  All you need is wine, a festive dish towel and a little ribbon.  This is the easiest way to wrap wine and perfect for friends, co-workers, and neighbors this holiday season.

We’re headed to three Christmas parties this weekend.  Tonight we have an Ugly Sweater Party, tomorrow we have an Ornament Exchange and Sunday we’re headed to a Cookie Exchange.  So many fun parties!  But, we can’t show up empty handed.  I picked up a few bottles of wine and wrapped up these easy hostess gifts using festive dish towels.  With my friends, you can’t ever go wrong with wine.  The only mistake is showing up with one bottle instead of two because we LOVE wine.

This couldn’t be any easier to make!  All you need is wine, a festive dish towel and ribbon.

How to Wrap Wine Bottles with Dish Towels

Step 1: Spread dish towel on floor.  Place the wine bottle on the right edge of dish towel half way down.

Step 2:  Fold towel over wine bottle and roll bottle until you reach the other end.

Step 3:  Tie ribbon around neck of bottle.

That’s it.  It literally took me longer to pick out the wine than it did to wrap them. Now you have a cute and easy hostess gift.

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